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Parents face desperate race against time to raise £250,000 to save cancer-stricken boy’s life

A desperate family have launched a race against time to raise £250,000 for a revolutionary treatment, offering their only hope of blitzing the cancerous tumour which has invaded their son's body - leaving him just months to live. At four years old, little Mehlyk Jokene, who was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, in December 2018, has already defied doctors who gave him six months to live when they found the tumour in his abdomen. But, despite eight gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and one of radiotherapy, the cancer has spread to his legs, arms, chest, spine and pelvis, wrapping itself around his blood vessels - meaning his parents, osteopath Dianne, 31, and rehabilitation specialist Elly, 36, fear they may lose the son they adore. The couple, of Whitton, south west London, who also have a daughter Zakiya, two, now feel their only hope lies in frantic fundraising through a JustGiving appeal, to pay for immunotherapy treatment, which is still being trialled in the UK, but is available at specialist centres in Spain and America. Devoted father, Elly, spoke passionately of his love for his son, saying: “Mehylk is one of those children that you do not have to teach to be kind and caring, he just is. “If he is playing with a group of kids he will always be the one to help push the others on the swings or give them toys."

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