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Professor Chris Whitty: Lockdown will work if people adhere to rules

When asked if the new lockdown in England will work, Professor Chris Whitty told the Science and Technology Committee: “If people adhere in the way that I expect they will, it’ll reduce R below one, in my view, in the great majority or all of the country. “I wouldn’t want to imply that suddenly that means that Covid is over as a problem. “This is a long haul.” He added: “We need to see this through winter - this doesn’t mean we need to stay in these measures through winter - but we will need to be doing things that keep the rates down.” When asked if the restrictions would be lifted on December 2, Prof Whitty continued: “The decision as to whether to lift restrictions on December 2 is rightly a decision for ministers and Parliament. “I think that the aim of this is to get the rates down far enough that it’s a realistic possibility to move into a different state of play at that point in time.”

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