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Royal expert on 'shameful' Downing Street apology to Buckingham Palace over No 10 party

Royal biographer and broadcaster Angela Levin reacts to Downing Street's apology to Buckingham Palace over a party held in Number 10 on the eve of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. Speaking to the PA news agency, Ms Levin said: "What's ingrained in anybody's mind who watched the funeral of Prince Philip was the Queen sitting in a corner of the room at the end of a row, looking suddenly 20 years older. "How she might deal with the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, when she next sees him is anyone's guess. "She might be very, very cold towards him. On the other hand, she might feel that my job is to see what's going on and keep up to date, and she might do that. "I think a lot of other people will feel quite shameful that that is what happened the night before a very, very sad occasion."

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