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Self-confessed “fat babe” told that she would “eat her own cat” set to appear in TV doc

A size 28 Instagram star and self-confessed “fat babe” is set to star in a TV documentary – cocking a snook at internet trolls who have bullied her for overeating, saying she was capable of “cannibalism” and would “eat her own cat.” But with 8,000 followers, Courtney Belle, 26, feels she inspires body confidence in others, despite at 5ft 5in and weighing “roughly 24 stone” having a body mass index (BMI), used to gauge a healthy size, of 55.9, compared to the NHS recommended range of between 18.5 and 25. The care assistant, of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, said: “I’ve been told that I’m ugly, disgusting and will never gain any respect. Now I say, ‘Call me what you want. Call me fat. Call me a fat babe – because I am.'” Courtney, who says she has “pretty much always been fat” and is considered “severely obese” by the NHS, used to let her weight get her down – reaching an all-time low about it when she was 19 and weighed 22 stone. She said: “I was bigger than every other kid in school and boy they wouldn’t let me forget it. I got the usual name calling all the time and I started to believe what the bullies were saying was true. “But the impact of being so overweight really hit me when I was 19. I’d lost a few stone at that point, but I thought it would never be enough.”

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