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Sepsis survivor learns to love her new body after amputations

A courageous NHS nurse who lost her legs and fingers after deadly sepsis ravaged her body, turning her healthy pink tissue and bones black, described her stumps as "beautiful," because the amputations saved her life. Struck down with flu-like symptoms in July 2018, Karen Allen-Ross, 54, spent five days in an induced coma after contracting sepsis - a life-threatening reaction to an infection - prompting her organs to start shutting down and leading doctors to warn her family she might not make it. Remarkably, Karen, of Plymouth, Devon, pulled through, but was told she needed to have her legs - which had died because of the sepsis causing the immune system to turn on her body - amputated below the knee, or she would be vulnerable to a further sepsis attack which could kill her in the future.

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