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Simon Coveney not interested in war of words with Arlene Foster

The Irish Deputy Leader has said he is not interested in getting into a personalised war of words with the leader of the DUP over Brexit. "I'm not getting into personalised commentary like that, the Irish Government has been consistent for three years now, while we respect the decision of the UK to leave the EU, we also expect the British Government would take account of Irish interest, vulnerabilities and exposure and the context of those issues of any Brexit deal that is struck," Simon Coveney said. "We now have a Prime Minister that wants to remove the backstop and we have said if he wants to do that he has to come up with an alternative that does the same job. "The British Government has given in writing in 2017 that they would ensure during the Brexit process and after it, that the all-island economy would be protected and that no border infrastructure would reemerge. "That's the test for us, and regardless of what individual politicians say, what party they belong to, we're not interested in personalities, quite frankly, we're interested in the outcomes and the issues and that continues to be our focus."


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