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Video: Portrush Bodybuilder Richard Robinson beats the best in the World in Miami

Northern Ireland has a new world champion.

Richard Robinson from Portrush is just home from the US after winning the Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC) amateur world middleweight natural bodybuilding title.

The 38-year-old perfectly sculpted Ulsterman wowed judged at the competition in Miami aimed at those whose shun steroids and growth hormones in favour of healthy eating and proper training.

“It still has to sink in a little bit,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

“It’s quite surreal.

“I didn’t go expecting to win.

“I was expecting top five or top three in my wildest expectations.”

Richard is now taking time out to “relax and get back to life” after an intensive training programme over 18 months.

“Since last year I have been training for this year’s competitions,” he said.

“It has been non stop for a year and a half.”

Northern Ireland’s first natural bodybuilding show being is being staged at the Waterfront on May 29, 2016.

“Next year I am helping promote the British Natural BodyBuilding Federation holding their first ever Northern Ireland qualifier in the Waterfront in May,” Richard said.

“They hold seven other regional qualifiers, but never in Northern Ireland before.

“We had four at the British finals earlier this year, the most we have ever had before so it is really becoming more popular here.”

For more information or to get involved look at the BNBF website or contact Richard on Facebook via the NI Naturals page.

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