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Tory MP gets in personal space of colleague during remote voting discussion

Tory former minister Sir Edward Leigh gets into Tory colleague Virginia Crosbie's personal space during a discussion on remote voting in the House of Commons. Leigh said it was “absurd” that MPs packed into the lobbies to vote and suggested more pass readers be installed throughout the parliamentary estate. He said: “When it comes to the safety of members, I agree this is completely absurd what we’re doing. “Here we are totally socially distanced. I’m not allowed to go just one step further to my colleague…” He then edged toward Tory MP Virginia Crosbie (Ynys Mon) who recoiled out of his way. Sir Edward added: “And then we wander through this lobby and we’re all crowded we’re all chatting to each other. “Is it beyond the bounds of possibility that we could perhaps have another voting terminal in that lobby or we could have voting terminal out there (gestures to Central Lobby) or we could have a voting terminal in Westminster Hall, or we could even have one in Portcullis House?”

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