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Trendsetting pensioner turns rubbish into 'wearable artwork'

A trendsetting pensioner has spent five decades proving that one man's trash really is another man's treasure by turning rubbish she scavenges from the streets into 'wearable artwork' - which she sells for up to £400 a piece. Concerned about saving the planet "before it became cool," Debra Rapoport, 74, a textile artist from New York, USA, transforms scrap metal, paper towels and loo rolls into bracelets, hats and other fashion accessories. Discussing her artistic process, Debra, whose partner of 12 years, Stan Satlin, 81, is a songwriter, said: "I've spent 50 years working with what some people would call 'junk'. "When I'm walking along the street and I see a rag cloth or some copper wire, it speaks to me. I pick the material up and we play with each other and get to know each other and the end result is one of my creations."


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