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UK drag star overcomes the odds to snatch pageant crown

A pageant star has revealed how it took just four months for him to go from whipping up a froth as a coffee shop barista to whipping up a storm on stage, winning his first crown as a professional drag queen. Forced to quit his job in December 2018 as, diagnosed with early onset rheumatoid arthritis - an autoimmune disease causing the body's immune system to mistakenly attacks the joints - he was finding it too strenuous, Harry Watson, 22, already had in mind a far more regal calling. Young to have developed the condition, which normally manifests in people aged 40 plus, he said: “I was diagnosed late last year after my health started to deteriorate." “Being diagnosed at such a young age has made me even more determined to get to where I want to be." Harry's drag alter ego, Rosé Zinfandel, thus named as he likes the wines and says the name fits his onstage persona, which is "sweet and fruity, albeit a little bit cheap." After making it through a vigorous application process, he was one of just 20 drag acts chosen for the live show of the charity pageant in March 2019, which is the first British pageant offering the opportunity to all Drag Queens, regardless of gender, to enter. All his hard work paid off, as not only was Harry - or Rosé - crowned Miss Publicity UK, an accolade awarded to the drag queen who attracted the most media attention, he was also invited back to judge on the panel in 2020.

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