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Unlikely trio of pals - a bunny, cat and dog - melt hearts with adorable clip of them playing

Forget fighting like cat and dog, these four legged friends drink from the same bowl, snuggle up in a shared basket and proudly walk around their neighbourhood together. And the delightful duo became a trio of cuddly tearaways, after a mini lop rabbit, Willow, was added to the brood and started sharing carrots and playing football with King Charles Cavalier spaniel, Poppy, as well as coaxing tabby cat Molly to join in. A regular Dr Dolittle when it comes to animals, their owner, Julie Lamb, 47, of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, said: “The cat and dog drink out of the same bowl and I’m getting a bigger one, so they can all fit around it together. “The other day Willow, my house rabbit, and Poppy the dog were playing football in the kitchen. They also love sharing carrots," she continued. “And Molly the cat and three-year-old Poppy the dog sleep in the same basket together every night. They have done every night since we got them. They’re the best of pals.” A full-time carer for her son Lewis, 19, who has autism, Julie, who also has an older son, 23, who does not wish to be named, and a daughter, Ruth, 14, with her HGV driver husband Robert, 53, bought three-year-old Molly as a kitten for her little girl's 11th birthday.

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