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Victim of botched appendix operation starts GoFundMe to pay for corrective surgery

Shattered by 10 years of agonising pain, which she compares to being "stabbed with a shard of glass," a young woman whose nightmare began after a routine operation to remove her appendix, is now desperate to raise almost £30,000 for private surgery to ease her torment and give her a future. Confined to a wheelchair when she goes out, Hannah Wood, 22, can barely walk because of the constant stabbing sensation in her stomach - which began when she was just 12 after the operation in 2009. She totally relies on her mum, Julia, 56, who left her sales job to become her full-time carer in 2016. Now her devoted parents, Julia and Bob, 58, who works at a tiling firm, have backed their daughter's bid to raise £29,000 using GoFundMe for private surgery to fit a stimulation implant, which is placed under the skin and controls pain by sending a mild electric current to the spinal cord and stimulating nerves in the problem area. A neurosurgeon told Hannah, of Herne Bay, Kent, she could qualify for the procedure on the NHS, but she first needs to pass an assessment, before facing an 18 month waiting list, which she and her family feel will be too tortuous, given her current state.

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