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Video: 12-year-old boy speaks about being caught up in CS spray incident at Orange Order Ormeau Parade

A 12-year-old boy has described how he was sprayed with CS spray at an Orange Order youth parade and says he is speaking out to prevent of any child - of any culture or religion - from having the same experience.

Disturbances broke out on Belfast's Ormeau Road at a band parade on Tuesday evening

Community representatives claimed children as young as five were affected by the use of CS spray. Two PSNI officers were injured as a result of the disorder.

Christian King, a member of South Belfast Young Conquerors flute band, has given his version of how events unfolded on the Ormeau Road when an officer deployed the incapacitation spray as trouble flared at the conclusion of a junior loyal order parade.

Christian’s father George was at the family’s caravan around 30 minutes away when he heard what had happened. He said he and Christian’s mum were really worried as they drove back to Belfast.

“We fully support the police, I have brought up Christian to support them and told him they are there to protect us, but that officer was wrong.” he said

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