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Video: £47,000 sex discrimination payout for two female scientists in agriculture quango

Two women who claimed that they were told a man of the same grade in the company where they worked was “the top dog” have received a sex discrimination settlement of more than £47,000.

Carole Daly (29), from Belfast, complained of incidents which took place and treatment she received in the laboratory at Newforge Lane, where she was placed on her return to work from maternity leave in 2013.

Hollie Lewis (31), from Bangor, had worked in the Institute since 2004 and, when she was transferred to the same laboratory in 2014, she also complained about her treatment.

The Institute has paid Ms Daly £25,000 and Ms Lewis £22,500 in settlement of their cases.

Eileen Lavery, the Equality Commission's Head of Advice and Compliance and Legal, said: "It is unacceptable that in the 21st century, women can still be subjected to disparaging treatment and find their position in the workplace diminished."

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