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Video: Actress Teri Hatcher gives speech on gender violence at United Nations #Orangeurhood

American actress Teri Hatcher spoke at the United Nations in New York on November 25, as part of the Commemoration of the International Day to End Violence against Women. In 2006, Hatcher revealed she was sexually abused by her uncle at the age of seven, the Daily Mail reported. Speaking on the need to eradicate violence against women, she told of her personal struggle with gender violence, saying, “I am one of three women who was forced to accept violence as a part of their life story.” Before finishing, she added, “until violence against women is not a part of any woman’s story, silence will not be part of mine.” The actress wiped away tears after finishing her speech. Hatcher was speaking as part of the #Orangeurhood campaign, aimed at ending violence against women. Credit: YouTube/United Nations


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