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Video: 'Ahoy for Joy' is Belfast man Keith Reilly's inspiring tale of love, loss and forgiveness

A former Belfast Telegraph delivery boy has published his debut novel. And Keith Reilly's book - entitled 'Ahoy for Joy' - also includes references to the paper in it's storyline. Belfast-born Keith currently works as the managing director of an electronics company in Poole, Dorset. However, he has always had a creative side. Initially it manifested itself through drawings (he provided the cover illustration for the book) but he always felt he had a novel - or maybe more - lodged in his imagination. 'Ahoy for Joy' mixes elements of romance with the gritty reality of life in Belfast during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Published by Troubadour, 'Ahoy for Joy' comes in paperback and is stocked in a range of bookshops across Northern Ireland (priced at £7.99). An electronic version of the book is available for £3.99. Further details can be found by visiting the website www.ahoyforjoy.com Credit: Belfast Telegraph


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