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Video: All Ireland Pole Dancing Championships 2015 swing into Belfast

Almost 40 competitors were at the Mandela Hall in Belfast at the weekend for the All Ireland Pole Dancing Championships.

Within the last decade pole dancing has grown into one of the most popular forms of exercises for women.

However, in the last few years a growing number of men have also got involved.

El Fegan, who organised the championships and was the first person to set up pole dancing classes in Ireland, said: "This year we have twice as many men competing compared to last year.

"Pole dancing has come a long way and it's popularity is continuing to grow not only across Ireland, but also world-wide.

"It's all about overall body strength, endurance and flexibility. You work muscles you didn't eve know you had, but it's fun."

This year marks the fourth year of the competition, which included categories for beginners, professionals, men and over-40s.

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