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Video: Alliance message 'relevant west of the River Bann as it is east of it', says Naomi Long

The Alliance Party's message is as relevant west of the River Bann as it is east of it.

The Alliance Party leader was speaking to reporters in Lisburn on Friday at the latest event of the ‘5 Leaders; 5 Days’ series, a programme of events organised by the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry - at which the party leaders from the five main political parties have been asked to outline their plans for jobs, growth and the economy.

"What we have wanted to do is to reach out in these constituencies even prior to the election being called.

"What we have seen, even back last autumn was a significant increase in our membership in those areas.

"This has allowed us, in this election, to run candidates who are locally grounded and based in those constituencies.

"I think people have seen a more active and more visible campaign from us in those areas," she said.

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