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Video: Arc-net creates 50 new posts in Belfast

A Belfast butcher-turned IT expert is creating 50 new jobs.

Kieran Kelly, who left his family's meat business to forge a career in data security, founded technology outfit arc-net last year.

He's now growing the business by another 50 staff - with 25 of those based in Northern Ireland.

The Belfast-based firm provides a technology platform to protectively mark and trace meat products from farm to fork using the animal's DNA.

Arc-net is now set for significant growth after graduating from Entrepreneurial Spark, which has a 'hatchery' in Belfast, powered by Ulster Bank.

The firm recently secured contracts with several global businesses and has two offices in Belfast, one in Edinburgh and it also has a base in San Francisco in the US.

The 50 new jobs will be split evenly between the firm's offices in Belfast and Edinburgh.

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