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Video: Arlene Foster becomes new Northern Ireland First Minister - A life in 60 seconds

Arlene Foster becomes the first woman to reach the office of First Minister of Northern Ireland.

Since leaving the Ulster Unionist Party in 2004 for the Democratic Unionist Party she rose through the ranks to reach the premiership in just over 10 years.

Both Mrs Foster and her father were subject to IRA attacks. Her father having been shot (surviving) and her school bus being bombed in the 1970s.

Arlene Foster spoke to the Belfast Telegraph explaining her vision for the future," People look at Stormont -particularly over this past year of bickering and not getting things done - and I genuinely believe that whilst we may come from entirely different backgrounds and hold entirely different views in relation to the constitutional position of Northern Ireland, that the greater number of people here want us to get on and deliver in relation to practical policies for them."

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