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Video: Armagh's ninja princess Jesse Jane McParland hopes to win Britian's Got Talent and perform in front of the Queen

The awesome Co Armagh nine year old who astonished Britain's Got Talent boss Simon Cowell says she's looking forward to performing in front of the Queen. Jesse Jane McParland from Keady, whose incredible martial arts skills were described on the TV show as “unbelievable”, wants to get through to the show's finals in front of her Majesty.

Jesse, already a multiple Taekwondo champion with 172 titles under her belt, told the Belfast Telegraph: “I would not be put off performing in front of the Queen.

“My sister Molly-Mae has bad asthma and I was told if I win I get to perform for the Queen, so while I perform for the Queen she could hang out with all the Princesses and try on their high heels, clothes and everything.”

Jesse Jane, left Cowell and Co open-mouthed after a series of somersaults, back flips, lightning kicks and sword swings on the second show of Britain’s Got Talent broadcast on Saturday night.

Her incredibly fast routine received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. Afterwards dad Gary and mum Sinead told her they were proud of her.

Judge Alesha Dixon praising her as “unbelievable” and “really, really special” and predicted: “You are one to watch in this competition”.

Whatever happens, many are predicting Jesse Jane will go on to be a star. She already holds multiple martial arts awards, and will star in two films this year ‘The Martial Arts Kid’ and ‘Awakening’.

Jesse Jane trains at the KFMA gym in Dungiven every morning before going to school.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, she said has a clear goal in life and this is to compete “in the Olympics and be the greatest Martial Artist ever!”

She added: “Not every girl dreams of being a Princess”. And she intends to stick by her motto: “Train hard, never give up and follow your dreams.”

Proud Mum Sinead said: “She is my first born. I wanted a pretty wee girl in a princess dress, but she had other ideas. She said to me ‘Mommy, not every wee girl wants to be a princess!’

Jesse Jane has earned the title JJ Golden Dragon: JJ stands for Jesse Jane, Golden for her lovely blonde locks and Dragon as she has won so many titles.

Jesse is the youngest WKC Female World Champion, current double WAKO Junior World Champion, has nice WOMAA European Championships, three WOMAA World Games Grand Championships and two Irish Open Grand Championships. 

Speaking of her award she said: “It is such an honour to be awarded a title of Dragon from America.”

Words by Kirsten Elder

Credit: Belfast Telegraph

Additional footage courtesy of Thames/Syco for ITV

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