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Video: Author JD Fennell found inspiration for debut novel from living in Belfast

Belfast-born author J.D. Fennell has released his debut young adult novel Sleeper - the first in a series of thrillers, that were heavily influenced by the city.

Author J.D. Fennell grew up in Belfast in the 70’s, at the peak of the Troubles, he said, "Growing up in Belfast, I spent a lot of my youth in libraries in the Falls Road, Linen Hall and Glengormley. I buried myself in books and was encouraged to write to help make sense of the spiraling sectarian madness that seemed forever present. In writing, I found solace and a form of expression. This is something that I have passionately pursued into adulthood with the publication of my debut novel ‘Sleeper’".

The adventure novel features teen agent Will Starling and is perfect for fans of Alex Rider and Jason Bourne.

‘Sleeper’ follows the tale of 16-year-old Will in 1941 who is pulled from the sea with no memory of who he is or was.

Will’s memory slowly starts to come back to him and he soon realises he no ordinary teenager.

With the help of M15 agent-in-training Anna Wilder and Belfast man, WW1 and Easter Rising veteran, Eoin Heane, Will finds himself in a race against time to discover who is he and to save lives.

You can pick up a signed copy of ‘Sleeper’ from Waterstones and Amazon.

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