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Video: Belfast bonfire disorder - Police chief George Hamilton calls for 'engagement' over controversial sites

PSNI chief George Hamilton highlighted the need for parents to take responsibility for preventing violence largely perpetrated by youths.

Of Monday's rioters he said: "These were largely young people involved in causing destruction and mayhem in their own communities. There is absolutely no excuse, no justification for the burning of cars and the causing of destruction in people's own communities - it just doesn't make sense at any level."

The removal of wood from a bonfire site in the nationalist Markets area by Belfast City Council-hired contractors triggered the violent scenes. In rampaging that lasted several hours, vehicles were targeted with paint bombs, with at least three set on fire.

Rioters then turned on the police and firefighters with missiles hurled at officers and masked youths trying to hijack several buses on the Falls Road.

Trouble began after Belfast City Council officials removed bonfire material in the Markets area on Monday morning.


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