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Video: Belfast Children’s Festival steams its way into 2016 with a mini adventure

Children and young people get involved in creative activities and workshops at Belfast Central Station for the Belfast Children’s Festival launch.

Young At Art present the 18th Belfast Children’s Festival for young people aged 0 to 14-years-old to take part in one of the leading children’s art festivals in Northern Ireland, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

As part of the event Translink will bring over a large-scale model of a miniature railway station from Brisbane, Australia. 

The miniature model railway arrives at Belfast Central Station on March 4 and comes complete with a miniature town, full of colourful mini people, cars, trains, hotels, emergency services and everything else you would expect to find.

You pick a character, and walk them through the town or take them on a mini adventure, there will be a daily newspaper with the characters stories, telling you what they did on that day.

Ali FitzGibbon, Belfast Children’s Festival Director, said:  “Young at Art produces this festival each year because it believes the arts are an intrinsic part of how our children and our society understand, grow, imagine and innovate.  Experiencing something creative is about going on a journey as far as you can dream.  Whether it's reading a story, seeing an exemplary performance, looking at artwork, the arts offer children an inspirational roadmap through which they can navigate the universe, comprehend everything in it and imagine anything that could happen in the future”

Throughout the festival there will also be various workshops for adults and art professionals to take part in throughout the city, venues include the MAC, the Lyric Theatre and Belfast Central Station.

This is an invitation to get artistic and involved with the arts, it is all down to your imagination, so get creative.

Belfast Children’s Festival runs from 4 March to 9 March, for more information please visit http://www.youngatart.co.uk/

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