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Video: Belfast Film Festival promises to be ten days of star-studded premieres, quirky events and the best in world cinema

Belfast Film Festival is back with its annual ten-day film festival, packed full of star-studded premiers and the best in world cinema. Celebrating its 15th year The Belfast Film Festival combined with 02 are preparing to roll out the red carpet on 16 April until the 25 April.

Over 100 screenings will be shown across Belfast city in venues including Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast Waterfront, The Mac, Strand Arts Centre, the Black Box, Movie House Dublin Road, the Sunflower, Culturlann, Duncairn Centre and the Festival’s Beanbag Cinema.

Michele Devlin, Festival Director said: “This is our 15th Festival and we really have grown is size and stature over the years. We now run a year-round programmer of education and outreach activity and special events, but the highlight of our calendar will always be our Festival Fortnight.”

She added: “Our evolution over the last 15 years has been in parallel with the rise of Belfast as a city of festivals. With our partners in culture and tourism, we have been helping to shape a destination message about Belfast as a vibrant, must-visit city and giving film-lovers a reason to come here. And we generate considerable positive PR coverage for Belfast, and Northern Ireland.”

The opening night premiere of ‘I Am Belfast’ will be a homecoming moment for Belfast born writer and director Mark Cousins.

‘I Am Belfast’ looks at the city in a whole new light through the eyes of a 10,000- year-old woman.

Mark Cousins said: “I found myself thinking about Belfast a lot, what a beautifully cinematic place it is and I wanted to capture the humour, the way people talk, our warmth but also our damage, I just want to tell the truth.”

Credit: Belfast Telegraph

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