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Video: Belfast's first Beardfest shows the quirky side of male grooming

Men of all ages got into the Christmas spirit by getting their beards decorated with Christmas baubles, bells and glitter.

Belfast’s first BeardFest took place on Friday 18 December, outside The Wicker Man on High Street.

Busy shoppers and customers have the opportunity to come in and get their beards customised and groomed by professionals from the Belfast Beard Company.

Laurence Burrell, the organiser of the event said: “We want to get as many guys as possible to get their beard done up to go out tonight. They can get baubles, bells, glitter and colour added or people with bigger beards can get them braided and beaded.”

The professional beard styling pros from the Belfast Beard Company celebrate their first birthday at the event, the local company sells bread oils, combs and balms to maintain unruly beards.

The Wicker Man, gift shop will also join in the birthday celebrations as they turn 21 years old.

Laurence Burrell added: “Lots of shops are doing a Christmas event but we wanted to do something different.

“We want to celebrate the culture of the beard because Northern Ireland has become so found of the beard, especially inspired by Game of Thrones.

“I got the inspiration from my husband, Chris, who has a long beard and has starred as an extra in the hit TV show.”

At the fun packed event there will also be face painting for all ages, refreshments, and blues music from Lawrence T and the Wolfmen.

All money raised at BeardFest will be donated to Cats Protection League.

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