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Video: Belfast's first death cafe will serve tea, cake and discussions on mortality

It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but this Sunday Northern Ireland will host its first death cafe.

The concept, which is popular worldwide, sees people invited to come along and talk about the taboo subject of death over a cuppa and cake.

It has been organised by two local writers, who insist that the idea is not as morbid as it sounds.

Therese Kieran and Lucy Beevor, both mums-of-three who met on a creative writing course in Belfast, already have 30 people signed up to take part in the event at The Pantry in the city's Crescent Arts Centre.

Co-orgainser Therese said: "On Sunday we will be a group of ordinary individuals united by a wish to discuss mortality.

"Talking about death doesn't have to be morbid. In fact, conversations about death can be incredibly life-affirming, humorous and inspiring."

Northern Ireland's first death cafe will open on Sunday from 2-4pm at The Pantry at Crescent Arts Centre in south Belfast.

For more information got to www.deathcafe.com or email Lucy and Therese at deathboxbelfast@yahoo.co.uk

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