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Video: Breathtaking road trip of discovery around Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s coast is a fantastic region to explore by road, your window view will never be boring and provides the ultimate road trip.

Just jump in your car and discover hidden gems, geological wonders of the world, secluded bays and real-life fantasy locations, just a short drive from Belfast.

London based videographer CJ Ducker decided to do exactly that, creating an epic record of his trip with his team Khawaja, Hannah and Ismail.

CJ said, "This all started with a vision to create in a country where you don't see very often. I put out the word on Instagram to see who else was interested in coming along and fast forward to present day and this is what we got up to in 5 days.

"We hired a car for 5 days and road tripped all over Belfast and Portrush and everything in between to capture all we could see.

CJ added, "I wanted to capture what Northern Ireland was all about, the patriotism, the nature, the animals and the untouched beauty/ruins it had to offer."

Courtesy of CJ Ducker. For more videos click here.

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