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Video: Brexit 'key issue' at Green Party's election manifesto launch

The Green Party in Northern Ireland launched their manifesto on Thursday afternoon in the Cresent Arts Centre.

At the top of the agenda was the final Brexit deal.

Green Party leader Steven Agnew said, “Brexit remains a key issue for this election. The Green Party is proudly pro-European and part of a European wide Green movement.

“We need a referendum on the final deal because the full facts and true understanding of Brexit was unavailable when we all participated in the June 2016 vote.

“We did not know that Theresa May would pursue a hard Brexit, for example. And other critical Brexit details are yet to be decided – what will the border between Northern Ireland and the Rep. Of Ireland shape up as, what trade tariffs will be imposed and how will Brexit impact the lives of our young people?

“The option to remain in the European Union must be left on the table. This would strengthen the hand of the UK negotiating team as well as allowing us to make an informed decision once the full facts on Brexit are available."

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