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Video: Carl Frampton's El Paso fight was 'a bit of a surprise' admits Barry McGuigan

Barry McGuigan is currently in negotiations for Carl Frampton's next world title defence fight.

McGuigan, Carl's manager, was speaking at Monkstown Boxing Club in Newtownabbey where Carl trains regularly.

"We are negotiating his next fight. We have a couple of offers on the table and we are contemplating those," he said.

McGuigan admitted that 'The Jackal's' last fight in El Paso, Texas, was "a bit of a surprise" - after the Tiger's Bay man found himself on the canvas before recovering to win on points.

"If truth be told he sightly underestimated his opponent. He paid the price for that but he picked himself up off the floor and he turned the fight around by winning nine of the remaining 11 rounds and dominating the rest of the fight.

"It hasn't affected his confidence - but it has taught him a lesson," said McGuigan.

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