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Video: Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White loved the Belfast tea and muffins on his visit to Level Ground cafe

TV Chef Marco Pierre White showed his support to young people with learning difficulties who work at Level Ground cafe, in Dundonald.

The cafe, based in Elm Church, opened in September 2015 and has eight trainee staff working in the kitchen and the cafe carrying out various daily duties.

Julie Graham, Level Ground Trainee Coordinator said: "It is great, it just means that he recognises what exactly these kids are striving to do.

“You know these kids will get there but it just takes a wee bit longer than any other child but they are still very ambitious and encouraged by Marco Pierre White for coming along, and it just shows them that actually, you know what, they can do it as well."

Marco Pierre White  he 'had a duty' to come along and show support to the young staff at the cafe.

He said: "I thought it was really important for me to come and show support. I've just had breakfast and I've got to say my muffins were toasted to perfection.

“I think that everybody in Belfast should show support to this restaurant in some way or another, by coming for lunch or coming for breakfast or like Eddie the chef in Park Avenue giving his time and sharing his knowledge."

Trainee at Level Ground, Nathan Campbell said: "We work really hard in the cafe, I watch a lot of Marco on TV and if he showed us what to do, I would give it a go."

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