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Video: Celebrity hairdresser Brenda Shankey warns against leaving valuables in cars after wedding ring stolen

Celebrity hairdresser and life coach Brenda Shankey told today of how she had her car broken into while she was out for an evening walk last night - with the thieves making off with her Zara handbag which contained her wedding ring, credit cards, cash and other designer jewellery.

The east Belfast woman warned people against leaving valuables in their cars.

Brenda said she had gone to Crawfordsburn Country Park to have a walk along the beach to "chill out."

"It was a beautiful evening and there were quite a few people about when I arrived at around 8pm.

"I hid my handbag under the dog's blanket in the boot of my car and made sure it definitely wasn't visible to anyone looking in.

"When I came back I saw the back window had been smashed in and I just knew the handbag would be gone," she said.

Brenda reckons some people watched he as she hid her bag in the boot.

"I think the lesson in all of this is to never, ever leave anything in your car - even when you think it is safe - because you never know who is watching you," she added.

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