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Video: Change of tone for Michelle O'Neill in Sinn Fein General Election broadcast?

Sinn Fein debuted its party election broadcast but has Michelle O'Neill changed her tone?

While the message may be along the same lines as from the Assembly election, the Sinn Fein leader delivers it in a softer, slower and different tone to what we've come to expect from the press conferences at Stormont.

Sitting in a coffee shop, Michelle O'Neill delivers her party's pitch and it looks like the party's spin doctors have had a rethink on her tone.

She has, in the past, been criticised for speaking "like an express train" without taking a breath. Twitter users have implored her to "speak slower" with some comparing her to the famous "Strabane man" who was interviewed on television speaking at such a rate of knots he could barely be understood.

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