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Video: Charles Hurst's £250,000 investment introduces a paperless experience to its Belfast operations

Charles Hurst Group, Northern Ireland’s biggest car retailer, has launched its newly refurbished Nissan dealership on Belfast’s Boucher Road following a £250,000 investment.

The group has brought the Apple store experience into the showroom by replacing the traditional dealership sales desk for a paperless environment with customers booking appointments online and checking-in using an iPad.

Alan Thompson, Franchise Manager at Charles Hurst Nissan, explains the thinking behind the changing face of car sales:

 “Through the internet, customers are now better informed, connected, and empowered in their purchasing experience and knowledge. The majority of our customers are spending more time researching online, utilising social media and car comparison websites before they contact the showroom. This new approach allows the customer to retain their lead in the sales process and enables us to provide a more transparent and holistic service which is seamless from initial contact, through to sales and after-sales services.”

Colin McNab, Operations Director, Charles Hurst, said the new showroom underlined the company's commitment and continued investment in customer focused services which is up to date with changing trends.

 “Charles Hurst is constantly adapting and investing in modern car retailing and the new approach at Charles Hurst Nissan showcases the future of car sales which puts the customer first."

Founded in 1911, its headquarters are located in Belfast on a 20-acre site, making it the largest automotive retail park in Europe.

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