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Video: Child abuse survivors set out compensation proposals at Stormont

Victims of child abuse were at Stormont on Monday to set out detailed proposals and costings for a redress scheme which they want the Northern Ireland Executive to set up following the end of the Historic Institutional Abuse Inquiry.

The scheme, which could provide compensation for thousands of people who suffered abuse in residential institutions between 1922-1995, would cost at least £20m.

However, abuse survivors are arguing that if the proposed scheme is implemented, it would actually save the public purse at least £10m, compared to the costs of compensation via the courts.

The costs of the proposed redress scheme are detailed in a report - Cost Analysis of Proposed Redress Scheme for Historic Residential Abuses. commissioned from Quarter Chartered Accountants by the Panel of Experts on Redress, an independent initiative made up of survivor groups, individual survivors, academics, lawyers, human rights organisations, practitioners and national and international experts..

It is proposed that survivors of abuse should receive a common experience payment of at least £10,000, calculated on the amount of time spent in an institution and an individual assessment of any mental, physical and sexual abuse suffered.

The model compensation scheme is based on wide consultation with survivors and analysis of redress schemes in other jurisdictions.

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