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Video: Co Down Animal sanctuary full to capacity

Assisi animal sanctuary in Conlig, Co.Down is full to capacity with animals, young and old, after a 'busy' December and the lead up to Christmas.

Heather Weatherup, Manager at Assisi animal sanctuary said: "I would like to say this was an exception but unfortunately it is not. The end result is always the same, sometimes it starts early, sometimes it comes at the last minute, the end result is always full capacity over the Christmas period."

Assisi have 35 kennels, they can take in up to 25 puppies, and at the moment their cattery is full and older cats are even in the kitten unit. Re-homing will begin for the New Year in the next couple of weeks.

Heather Weatherup added: “There’s lots of ways people can actually help us, not necessarily by just re-homing an animal, just come and contact us, there are lots of ways to help, by raising money, awareness, giving out leaflets, information, newsletters and becoming a member.”

The animal shelter are more than willing to chat to anyone who maybe wanting to give up a pet and they can also provide workshops and guidance that will help provide owners with vital care information for their beloved pet.

Assisi is unable to take any more animals in at this time but you can get in contact with Heather or the volunteers on https://www.facebook.com/AssisiAnimalSanctuary or call on 028 9181 2622

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