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Video: Concerns from Belfast councillors over toxic tyre bonfires in the city

Hundreds of tyres have appeared on bonfires across Northern Ireland, sparking fears of toxic clouds over Northern Ireland on the Eleventh Night.

SDLP councillor Declan Boyle said: "Burning tyres is a totally irresponsible act. I can't understand why anyone with an ounce of wit would risk harming themselves and their friends and neighbours."

"Nobody is talking about banning bonfires, but bonfire builders can't be allowed to do what they want, where they want."

UUP councillor Jim Rodgers stressed that he did not want to stop anyone lighting traditional bonfires, but he added that they must build them with respect to health and safety legislation.

Mr Rodgers  also insisted that he and his fellow councillors were actively monitoring the Belfast area to stamp out any potential dangers ahead of the Eleventh Night celebrations next week.

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