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Video: Could this the future: Hybrid electric flying machine

Take the technological leap with Skylys: The smart and connected flying car everyone has been waiting for! The project started 4 years ago with a dream. This 4 wheeled module is the main structure of a flying car which will adapt to its multi propeller system with a modular robotics system. Driving the vehicle, thanks to its shape and size, fits perfectly into an urban space and happens to be the perfect link between aviation and automotive with the bonus of respecting the environment. It enables multimodal links between small suburban airports and the last kilometer journeys. The Flying car could be initially used for civil protection, Firefighters, Ambulances, rescue missions, and also for private use if one has a helicopter licence. On the road, the Skylys® has the properties of a regular car, and need nothing more than your normal driver's licence. Hybrid, hi tech motorised, multi-directional propeller propulsed, light weight, aerodynamic, modular, ergonomic, esthetic… are just a few characteristics that the specialists of MIX Aerospace have combined to give you the Skylys® A smart flying car with most impressive technical constraints and unseen architectural exploits. Credit: Youtube/James Desauvage


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