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Video: Country star Nathan Carter sets hearts a-flutter at Belfast album signing

Wagon Wheel star Nathan Carter meets excited fans in Belfast’s HMV store to sign his new album ‘Stayin’ Up All Night’.

The country music star spent time with fans as they took selfies and chatted with the heartthrob.

Nathan recently bought his Nan a new Mercedes-Benz Coupe as a thank-you for all her support to him over the years.

Nathan’s Nan used to drive him to his gigs and help carry all the equipment, her dream was always to own a Mercedes.

Nathan said: “I was lucky enough to save up some money and we got her a new Mercedes, she was thrilled. I think she cried for about three hours”.

The albums centrepiece song ‘Liverpool’ is about his home town, the many travails it has endured across the decades and a tribute to the 96 people who lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

‘Stayin’ up all Night’ is available to purchase now and for more information click here.

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