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Video: Dalriada Festival enjoys its most successful year despite the heavy rain

This year's Dalriada Festival at Glenarm Castle has proved to be the most successful yet.

Although on Friday night the organisers wouldn't have been anywhere near as optimistic of a favourable outcome.

Torrential rain had left the estate virtually waterlogged - and they had to bring in tons of hay to spread over the entire site.

Festival Director Adrian Morrow admitted his prayers had been answered when the weather suddenly changed.

"On Friday night, just before the event was due to start, we thought we could never do this again. This is just a nightmare - the whole place will be in muck.

"Everybody was getting their mobile phones out and every time they saw the weather apps the colour just drained from their faces - and then, lo and behold - out comes the sun!" he said.

And all turned out well in the end - with a little help from Mother Nature.

This year's Dalriada Festival has turned out to be the most successful in the 20-year history of the event - with well over 30,000 people attending.

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