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Video: Distraught Belfast pet owner's plea for safe return of missing Staffordshire terrier Tiny

A distraught dog lover who issued an appeal about his missing pet after he feared she had been stolen on New Year's Day, has been left stunned after receiving a bizarre ransom request for £200.

Three-year-old Staffordshire terrier, Tiny went missing from her west Belfast home in the early hours of Sunday morning while her owner, Stephen Flynn, was drinking with friends in the garden.

Mr. Flynn (22) said: "She is part of the family like, it's strange in a way, she em, we have had her, her mum and her grandmum, so we've bred them for years and always kept one pup.

"Yes, she means a lot more than just a dog to us."

If you have seen Tiny, you can contact the family on 0754 811 4808

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