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Video: Do you think it’s always raining in Belfast? New survey encourages cycing commuters to think again.

Get on your bike this winter! Northern Ireland is well known for bad weather, but if you think it’s always raining here, then think again.

One in five people are put off cycling on their daily commute as they think they will get wet in the rain on their way to or from the office.

Andrew Grieve, Head of Department for Infrastructure’s Cycle Unit decided to put this to the test. He recorded the annual amount of rain from January 2015 - December 2015 on his daily journey.

Andrew said, “I decided to conduct the report as I was constantly hearing about how the weather was to blame for people not wanting to take up cycling in Northern Ireland.

“I cycle every day and I began to wonder just how wet it actually is. People have a habit of looking outside and seeing the wet ground and assuming that it will rain. This may well be the case but it probably won’t rain on your short journey to and from work.

Andrew added: I’m not trying to encourage people to cycle miles and miles, I’m encouraging them to cycle when it’s convenient and when they have short journeys to make – it would certainly go a long way in helping with the congestion problems drivers in Belfast face on a weekly basis.”

Andrew’s daily commute is 15-20 minutes in and out of Belfast and his results showed that 85% of the time he didn’t get rained on, even though in some cases the ground may have been damp.

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