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Video: DUP get tangled-up during launch of new website to highlight Human Trafficking

DUP MLAs found themselves in a bit of a muddle at Stormont - when dozens of balloons got entangled in a net as they were launched. The filming stunt had been set up to launch a new website to promote DUP MLA Lord Morrow's Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill that is currently under consideration by the Assembly. The bill recently received backing from former US President Jimmy Carter.

Lord Morrow said: "The bill is primarily designed to do three things: to tackle the demand for human trafficking, to put in place support for victims of human trafficking and to punish those who are engaged in this criminal activity.

First Minister and DUP leader Peter Robinson said Lord Morrow's bill showed "The social conscience of the DUP."

"We are all very proud of the stand that Maurice has taken," he added.

The website is www.givinghopeni.com

Credit: Belfast Telegraph

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