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Video: DUP leader Arlene Foster says, 'It is wrong to portray me as anti-Irish language'

Former First Minister Arlene Foster has said it is wrong to portray her as being 'anti-Irish Language'.

The DUP leader was speaking at the first event of the ‘5 Leaders, 5 Days’ series, a programme of events organised by the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry at which the party leader from five main political parties will outline their plans for jobs, growth and the economy.

Mrs Foster said she believed people were "absolutely entitled" to express themselves through their love of the Irish language and Irish culture.

She said her difficulty with an Irish Language Act were the cost implications of it having equity and equality with the English language and criminal issues which could arise if people didn't co-operate with an Irish language commissioner.

"It is wrong to portray me as being anti-Irish language - that is not the case at all," she insisted.

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