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Video: DUP's Jim Wells gives 'total support' to South Down candidate Diane Forsythe

The DUP candidate in South Down is Diane Forsythe.

The mother of three, who lives in Kilkeel and works as an accountant, said she felt "very honoured" to have been selected.

"I have been a unionist all my life and I think it is a challenge to get unionists involved in South Down.

"I think there is a big appetite to have voters come out and get the pro-union vote on the record in this election," she said, speaking at the press conference on Monday when the DUP announced all of their candidates.

DUP MLA in South Down, Jim Wells, said Diane had his "total support.".

"I seconded Diane as a candidate. I will be working for her very hard. I've run 17 elections in 22 years so I'm now taking a break," he said.

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