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Video: Dusty the dog who had six pups dies from her injuries

Dusty the dog was dumped and left to give birth to her puppies in a wheelie bin.

Despite attempts by volunteers from Animals in Need Northwest to save her, the young dog was so badly injured and neglected that she died yesterday afternoon.

The dog, who they named Dusty because she was found in a dustbin, was also so seriously ill that she stopped producing milk and couldn't feed her babies.

Dusty's five puppies are now being reared by hand in foster homes across Northern Ireland.

Animals in Need NW is now asking for donations to help it care for the tiny puppies. Anyone who would like to help pay for their vet bills can call Drumahoe vets on 028 7131 1448. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Animals-in-need-NW-176947292643369/

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