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Video: East Belfast Enterprise hope to secure funding to support young entrepreneurs through the E-Preneur Programme

E-Preneur delivered by East Belfast Enterprise and Studio Souk along with the Aviva Community Fund needs your vote to help support local artists and creative business to get their feet off the ground.

East Belfast Enterprise is a local enterprise agency and charity who support over 500 entrepreneurs annually to help start their business.

They have joined together with Studio Souk, owned by Lizi Rooney who provides studio and retail space for local artists and designers at the heart of the city centre.

Kenny Rodgers, business development manager of East Belfast Enterprise said: “We hope that this will be the second year we can run the programme, it is a competitive process so we need as many votes from the public as possible to secure this.

I would be happy if we could get 3,000 votes and we are half-way there, we have a day or a day-an-a-half to get the rest of the votes, so please vote, you can vote about ten times per person and the process only takes about 60 seconds.”

Linzi Rooney, director of Studio Souk said: “This gives people and opportunity to showcase their work and to meet with other like-minded people to share ideas and support each other.

“You can spend three years doing a degree or sitting in a classroom but that doesn’t mean your product is viable or that you will have a successful business, I think it is important for designers to have their work in the city centre and have a place where customers can go.”

The E-Preneur programme delivers training and mentoring to ten young entrepreneurs (circa 20 to 40-years-old) who want to launch a creative business selling their own unique products and designs.

Timmy White, designer based in Belfast said: “As a designer it is hard to start out and studio souk really nurtures that and it is a great group to be part off and has really helped me to develop my skills and my products.

“I would advise people to take the jump, it is always scary starting your own business no matter what you do but just take the chance and know that there are facilities out there that can help you.”

The programme involves ten sessions of training by experts on a variety of start-up topics and participants will be from a diverse range of backgrounds, including unemployed art graduates, young offenders and hobbyists to name a few.

E-Preneur also offers over 20 hours of support and mentoring from business advisors, trading creative entrepreneurs and online sales specialists.

East Belfast Enterprise need your help to support our young generation of hopeful creative business owners, all you have to do is to vote for the E-Preneur programme at https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/Project/View/2753/

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