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Video: East Belfast Pastor concerned over unsafe bonfire

An east Belfast cleric whose church is under threat from a towering Eleventh Night bonfire just yards from the property's back door, said he wasn't a 'killjoy', but "What worries me is that the bonfire is a lot bigger than any of the ones here in the past.

Pastor Lucas Parks said he wasn't trying to score political points on the controversy and confusion which has been raging about the council's High Court injunction over the Ravenscroft Avenue bonfire and the three others in east Belfast.

"I'm not trying to do away with culture or anything like that, but bonfires should be in big fields or open spaces not on a public site so close to buildings and where taxpayers are going to have to pay for someone to re-surface the car park and repair the overhead lighting.

"The council had to pay for contractors to come out and board up all our church windows at the back of our building.

"And the fire service have told us that they are going to be here on the Eleventh Night to spray water on our roof and on other nearby buildings like houses, apartments, an electrical sub-station, commercial businesses and a community centre," the pastor said.

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