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Video: Experts give a spring fashion and wine master-class

Unsure of which styles of wine suit a new Spring look? Watch and discover four new fashion trends, whilst one of the World's greatest sommelier's - Gerard Basset - shares his picks of French Wines to match the different styles. Fashion stylist Helene Silvia gives us a taste of what should be in our wardrobes to achieve looks that range from softly feminine and natural (this Taylor Swift), a little more fun and quirky (think Cara D), a laid-back cool style (think Eva Mendes) and finally a more sophisticated and glamorous evening look (think Kate Moss or Alexa Chung). And joining her is Gerard Basset, the World's leading wine expert who shares his insights into choosing the perfect wines to match the different styles, talking through why each wine perfectly works for Spring. www.facebook.com/Wineswithstyle


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