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Video: Facebook director Stefanos Loukakos talks about 'mobile revolution' at Belfast networking event

Sharing and viewing videos on social media has increased at a phenomenal rate in the last two years. Stefanos Loukakos, a director with Facebook based in Dublin, was speaking at the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Annual Networking Conference and Business Showcase at St George's Market in Belfast.

Mr Loukakos, who works with small/media businesses on the social media giant, said Facebook announced a billion video views per day in 2014 - but by 2015 that figure had rocketed to more than eight billion.

Speaking on the subject 'The Mobile Revolution', he said almost half of all video views were now being accessed through mobile phones.

He said it had taken TV 60 years to reach a billion people - whereas it had only taken five years for mobiles.

"There are 31 million people in the UK alone logging on to Facebook every day and 90% of them are doing it through a mobile phone - 50% of the total online population.

"There has been a huge shift in how people are consuming digital media. People are always on. They have their mobiles with them at all times - from when they wake up until late at night.

"Statistics show that on average we are using our mobiles 100-150 times each day. This has created a huge growth in messaging apps. We now have over 900 million people on Messenger and more than a billion on WhatsApp.

"When it comes to photographs, over three trillion are currently being shared each year across the world. Last year there were more pictures shared than in the last 100 years combined," said Mr Loukakos.

Over 900 delegates and over 100 companies registered for the event, the first time the NI Chamber had staged the event in St George's Market, which dates back to 1604.

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